2) The Emblematic National Theatre

The National Theatre is located in the heart of the capital of San José and is a cultural masterpiece.  At the entrance you will certainly slow down to appreciate statues of Calderón de la Barca and Ludwig van Beethoven. Also, the exquisite mural Allegory of Coffee and Bananas by Milanese artist Aleardo Villa, will take your breath away.  No wonder the National Theater is a valued cultural and historical gem.

The National Theatre of Costa Rica opened doors on the 21st October 1897 featuring the performance of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s Faust.  Ever since it has become the host of myriads of cultural presentations.  Step into the National Theatre and you will be transported to the 19th century when coffee, beans and rice was our main source of revenue.  In order to fund the theatre, a tax was placed on coffee by then President of Costa Rica, José Joaquín Rodríguez Zeledón.

It is an honor to experience a presentation at the National Theatre.  For one split of a second you are immersed in a world where appreciation towards the arts is the connecting dot through time and space.    Sit on a red velvet chair while you enjoy the beauty of the presentation and you are one with the legacy and the history of Costa Rica.

The National Theatre has scheduled presentations throughout the year check out all the presentations by clicking on this link: https://www.teatronacional.go.cr/Calendario.


3) The New Venue – Parque Viva

Last but not least we will present Parque Viva, a venue specially designed to enjoy memorable moments with friends and family.   The structure is equipped with an amphitheater, a lounge, parking space for 4500, food vendor’s area, recreational area, bathrooms, bus stop and special parking entrance.

Parque Viva has hosted house fairs, the famous Oktoberfest, and plenty of concerts with the National Symphonic Orchestra.  It has also attracted thousands of fans flooding to welcome Katy Perry and Maroon 5 in Costa Rica.  It is located in the province of Alajuela just 30 minutes from the capital.  This project was designed to become an entertainment hub outside from San José, away from the capital’s humdrum.  It is an initiative that lures us to experience art in an open space while enjoying all the commodities of an incredibly designed structure.

For information about upcoming events clink on: http://www.parqueviva.com/?q=eventos