Visiting Costa Rica and would like to know where all the activities take place? Read on for the season for entertainment is about to begin in November.

The Centric Entertainment Hub – La Sabana

La Sabana Metropolitan Park is the space in the midst of the daily humdrum that allows the passerby to forget for a moment that life can easily pass us by. Covering an area of 0.72 square kilometers it pumps clean air, infusing the surroundings with freshness and a space to connect, relax and mingle.

The history La Sabana is deeply ingrained in Costa Rican culture, it is not just a huge recreational park, it is an icon. Our first International Airport was located within the park area from 1930- 1974 somehow sealing the purpose this emblematic park. For almost a century it has become a very busy location where people would gather for important commemorations, activities, to bid farewells and to receive loved ones. Adjacent to the park you will find the

National Stadium.

The National Stadium, within La Sabana has attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors to enjoy impressive concerts, national and international soccer matches, amazing art festivals, delicious food truck festivals and more. In fact, this location is still one of the most preferred locations for concerts as it is easily accessible through both public and private transport. Located just 20 minutes from the Airport and just a step from the capital of San José, you can easily attend the next amazing concert while in town.

Speaking of concerts, November will bring renowned artists that promise to shake and shatter this location with fury. November 5th is a special day, for Metallica will be performing in Costa Rica at the National Stadium. Fans are already counting the days to enjoy the best of heavy metal. Are you one of them? If heavy metal is not your cup of tea, just wait for November closes off with another all-time favorite and iconic group, Guns ’n’ Roses! Guns ’n’ Roses will be gracing the stage of the National Stadium on the 26th of November for the first time in Costa Rica. Costa Ricans are already excited about these two concerts and many have already bought tickets since September !

As we are transitioning to our dry season, the way the light falls upon the trees of La Sabana Metropolitan park acquires a fairy-tale nature. This light taints the scene with beautiful orange tones while the chilly breeze sweeps the tree leaves. You are invited to enjoy our favorite season with the best of entertainment.