Surfing is a unique sport, it is a delicate balance between talent that has been forged upon experience, physical strength and a keen instinct with even the most unpredictable waves. This unpredictability is the core of a philosophy of life: waves come and go, you need to make most of it in the moment and even if you find a similar wave, each one is unique and you might or might not get the chance to ride a similar one in your lifetime. Wave-rinding is like connecting to the movements of life itself.  With this uniqueness, unpredictability albeit with a certain range of predictability thanks to geographic conditions and patterns in each of the point breaks, surfers are bound to go hunting for the most impressive swells around the globe.

Costa Rica posses hundreds of amazing beaches with breaking points that have been mapped out by both surfing enthusiasts and professionals for decades, as the country started to develop, surfing towns were identified and facilities were built such as a good highway and infrastructure.  With more interest in these towns which became more and more accessible, real estate development surged and investment veered towards these areas.  Most of the most renowned surfing towns such as Jacó, have been long-time surfing towns with accessibility to various surfing destinations.

The little surfing town of Jacó holds the title of the most accessible one amongst the plenty of choices in Costa Rica.  Located at just around a two-hour ride from the capital of San José, Jacó Beach counts with a smooth highway, plenty of lodging options that go from the most economical to the most luxurious villas imaginable and services such as internet, banking, car-rentals, spots to rent boards, pharmacies, and more.  Since it is so accessible, most visitors and locals deem this spot as the best destination for a one-day escapade.

Although Jacó Beach’s waves are smaller than nearby beaches and is good for starters, just drive 10 minutes to the South and you will find Playa Hermosa which boasts with world-famous swells that attract surfers around the globe year round. Visitors have given this spot a rating of 8.7 overall.

Jacó Beach is a strategic point wherein surfers can gather, refresh, enjoy and plan their next adventure.  There are so many good eats you can choose from and a buzzing night life.  Over all it is an amazing base as you can access over 10 different beaches within a 20-minute drive on the highway.  Go and hunt the most impressive waves while you enjoy a surfer’s  Pura Vida experience.