Sponsors at the First Chocolate Fair in San José ranged from renowned international chocolatiers such as Lindt and national chocolatiers Britt and Sibú to more artisanal local ones.  There was surely something for everyone including an arrange of incredibly intricate and yummy cakes for every occasion.

Britt the renowned coffee brand has extended their innovative concept and brilliant marketing strategies to produce chocolate.   Britt chocolates are not only delicious but they always come up with the best way to cover an exotic fruit with decadent chocolate.  Amongst their most popular products include chocolate macadamia, chocolate coffee beans, chocolate guava and chocolates with fillings to die for. Their packs are always filled with an explosion of sheer goodness and taste.  Most of you might recognize Britt for their impressive souvenir shops in Airports across Latin America, these have become an oasis for travelers who can amble around the shop and feast their eyes upon the wide range of souvenirs and have a taste of their signature coffee and chocolates.

Another chocolatier that conquered the hearts of Ticos and tourists is Sibú.  A company that started 8 years ago when historian Julio Fernandez and journalist George Soriano  decided to leave their day jobs and to pursue their dreams, a story that most Costa Ricans can relate to as Costa Ricans are entrepreneurs at heart.  Sibú started small, but with a clear vision  to craft the best chocolate with organic cacao and the freshest of local ingredients while being committed to sustainability. Sibú chocolates are made from the best of organic Costa Rican cacao and are crafted with love and dedication by hand.  The company has gone from offering their chocolates at bookstores to owning their own showroom in Plaza Itscazú.  You can also enjoy their amazing lunch and tours in San Isidro, Heredia.

Choco-Fruits attracted crowds with its innovative stand, concept and social media strategy.  They have found a way to process fruit to a freezing point wherein humidity is eliminated and fruits remain crunchy, then dip them in chocolate.  The result is a spectacular mix of strawberry, mango or banana covered beans that melt in your mouth while the pieces of fruit somehow manage to have an amazing texture.   Talk about a fun way to enjoy chocolate with your favorite fruit!

Mandala  Kakaw presented their luxurious chocolate bars with a very unique experience with dark chocolate.  Crafted with the essence of cacao in mind, that connection with the sacred and spirituality, the velvety texture of Mandala Kakaw will transport you to a moment in time when everything stops  … and allows the deliciousness of  dark chocolate melt slowly as it elevates  and shifts your consciousness to be one with the experience and the now.