We have all had the opportunity to watch important tournaments of various sports in our lives, in Costa Rica our national sport by consensus is definitely soccer and most of us know that there is an age when no matter how hard the player tries, he might not have the stamina, speed and physical condition to make it to the first division.  And this happens across the board on all types of sports.

Maxibasketball, conceived in the 70’s is a revolutionary idea, it challenges the status quo of sportsmen and it challenges them to go beyond age and see it as just a number.  They might not be competing professionally anymore but the skills that they have developed for years are still innate to the them.  Thus, these tournaments invite all of those who were in the professional basketball arena to stay active for there are competitions they can look forward to.

By seeing more mature players in the arena and seeing all that they are capable of motivates thousands of players all around the globe to maintain their routines and high performance during maturity.  These tournaments serve as a motivation for these players to become better athletes year after year.

Maxibasketball goes beyond competition, it creates a paradigm shift allowing the public to see that results of dedication, training can be maintained through time.  It is no wonder why these players have become the spokesperson for campaigns that combat sedentarism, smoking and drugs.  Maxibasketball players are the living example of how determination and excellence can stand the test of time.

As the public, it is absolutely inspiring to see players reach their senior years and showcase their talent.  These senior players are also those who the new generation look up to and they are the ones who can coach them with their vast experience.

Since the tournaments are held in different cities and countries, it has the ability to carry the spirit of sportsmanship to new horizons and give all the participants a chance to broaden their horizons, visit new destinations and make new friends.