Mi Casa Es Su Casa Holiday is the dream child of Julius Spates and Jenn (Spates) Hurst, their parents instilled what would be the backbone of Mi Casa Holiday.  Their father taught them to open their minds to opportunities and possibilities and to “imagine if”.  Their mother always ushered them to pursue their passions and see where it lead to.  These two beliefs are what makes Mi Casa Es Su Casa Holiday possible, both Julius and Jenn believe that if you follow your passion and you are willing to work hard enough for it, anything can be possible.

Julius presented a talent to summon crowds by throwing a party and getting over 500 attendants to come, and that was way before social media existed. That was the start of a long list of successful parties and in 1993 with the funds Julius raised from his parties he sent his sister on her senior trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  This first time to Mexico was so inspiring for Jenn that she decided to pursue a career with USA Student Travel, in 1994 she became the youngest international tour operator in the company’s history.  Her passion for travel and hospitality is longstanding and she boasts of over 20 year of experience working for USA student Travel, now International Student Tours (IS tours).

As Jenn had found purpose and joy in travel, Julius on the other hand started to follow his passion that led him to an intense encounter with the art of DJing.  In 1999, Julius had become a recognized DJ worldwide and had become the co-founder of the production group 3D Degrees Global, he performed in the international DJ arena as Julius the Mad Thinker.  Jean would attend frequently to his gigs and that is when the idea of merging amazing music events in different destinations emerged.

Mi Casa Es Su Casa Holiday was created in 2009 and the name embraces the culture of house music and reflects Jenn and Julius’ multicultural upbringing, “My house is your house” is a phrase that truly represents their passion.  It is also an invitation to the public to open their minds and hearts in order to experience the world through the eyes of “imagine if”.

Once this amazing idea emerged, connections occurred serendipitously , including meeting Nicodemus, a New York DJ/Producer who had been performing in Playa del Carmen and enlisting a team of talented designers, journalists, strategists, Dj’s and promotors.  In October 2009 fifty purposeful beats lovers traveled to the beautiful Playa del Carmen for an event that would keep them immersed in paradise in connection to nature, beats and with like-minded souls.

Every year, the list of attendee’s doubles and Jenn and Julius are committed to preserve the magic by maintaining the even intimate in spite of the growth and demand.  In less than 7 years Mi Casa Es Su Casa Holiday has become a place where friendships develop, love flourishes and connections are forged. It is the breathing example of how if you can dream it, believe in it and work for it, everything under the stars and beyond is possible.