Costa Ricans love beer, this liquid gold is present in our tables, in our celebrations and in every corner you turn your head, our options were quite traditional but in 2010 the new kid came to the scene.. the craft beer. Judging by the enthusiasm of Ticos towards craft beer you would have never imagined that it was until 2010 that Costa Rica’s Craft Brewing Company completed the permit process and craft beer was officially offered to the public.

It takes just a visit to Barrio Escalante and you will se a thriving street that offers the best of gastro-pub experience along with a a varied offer of Costa Rican craft beers that will surely delight the taste buds of even the most picky beer-lover. After all, what is there not to love about sparkly creativity and amazing blending of exotic flavors that goes into each local craft beer? Although the movement started to be supplied to just a small list of pubs in the East side of town, it has slowly and contagiously moved to the West and even better, it has hit the stands of most supermarkets. Since then, the rise of brewpub (restaurant or bar that brews their own beer) has gained much territory.

The movement started small, Costa Rica is a very small country and most Ticos love to stick to their brands in general, so it was actually a surprise that local craft beer was received by the public with fervor which is slowly turning into devotion. Since craft beer back then was the best kept secret in town, there was a need to share with the public all these amazing brewing creations. Thus, the CR Craft Brewers Association came up with a great way to promote this new range of of beers. They came up with the idea to create a festival full of live music, amazing food as a platform to unite all of the local, small craft beer producers to serve their brews to an expectant public.

Since 2012 the Craft Beer Festival has attracted thousands of attendees that are willing to travel and to explore new flavors. This year the Fifth Craft Beer Festival will surprise you with an astounding list of over 120 types of craft beer! Four years ago when the first Craft Beer Festival was organized the list of beers was but a third of what is offered now.