The Pan-American FIMBA will be hosted in Costa Rica but the term “Maxibasketball” might be a bit foreign for most, taking a look back at how the organization started will give us a good perspective about the foundation of these competitions and why they are important.

Back in 1969 a group of ex-basketball players in Argentina had the chance to get together and revive the good old times in an exhibition game. This game generated such a good response that a few months later Mr. Eduardo Rodriguez Lamas impulsed the creation of the Argentinean Basketball Veterans Union. It took a couple of years to decide upon all the category rules which are the pillars of these games.

The first International Tournament took place in Argentina in 1978, and it was during the 70’s that these tournaments were promoted in other countries since it was an unusual practice. Later on Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Costa Rica and Guatemala founded their own national federations. Maxibasketball is a category of basketball that involves basketball players both women and men, it is the last category and in women it starts from the age of 30 while in men it starts from the age of 35. This category is later on divided in to sub-categories of five years each. Currently the maximum age is 70 years old for men. Maxibasketball is all about maintaining the high quality of competition even after the professional competition is over.

The most important event in this category is the FIMBA World Maxibasketball Championship and in 2015 it was held in Orlando, Florida. Every two years a new city is chosen to host this Tournament. In 2016 the Pan-American FIMBA will be hosted in San José, Costa Rica from the 23rd till the 30th of April. We are absolutely thrilled to be able to welcome with open arms all of the participants and very happy to be able to share with Costa Rica and the world the love for basketball.