We scheduled a two-hour horseback riding tour in Ciudad Colón and since we were staying at the BestWestern Hotel Irazú, getting there was just a breeze. Since it was Sunday there were no sights of traffic jams in the capital. Driving in Costa Rica can be a whole experience on its own, the roads have names but there are not many signs and locals will give you directions according to the locations of shops, restaurants, gas stations. These directions of course make no sense to tourists, so the option of a GPS when renting your car is always wise. However if you do have some type of roaming service or you have acquired a local phone line with good 3G or 4G connection I will recommend you download an app called Waze. This little app works wonders in Costa Rica and it will choose the best way to get to your destination without a hassle.

That Sunday we simply punched in the name of the place where we were appointed for our horseback riding tour and off we went to Ciudad Colón under the directions of this incredible application.

Ciudad Colón is located at just 30 minutes from San José and we were in awe at how different it is from the capital. In just 30 minutes you will be transported to a Costa Rica where most shops are closed on a Sunday, where locals hang out at ranch for beers and typical food and you will be drawn to imagine how life was a couple of hundred years ago when Costa Ricans rode on horses and would transport their food and merchandise in wooden carts.

Our horseback riding tour was such an amazing experience, we went through narrow trails where purple and blue butterflies would flutter by playfully almost caressing our cheeks. We were also very lucky to see cute monkeys with white faces jumping off from one tree to the other. The riding was also fun since there was some trotting involved, but don´t fret because these horses are highly trained and if you prefer your horse to simply walk up the slopes instead of trotting, that is also an option.

After our two-hour tour we stopped by a little ranch to have lunch and to enjoy our last day of sunshine. On our next stop we would have a chance to purchase some souvenirs.