I always try to have a list of fun activities and top picks of places I would like to visit whenever I travel. Some prefer to have a full schedule of events packed into a week or less and some will also prefer just to choose a city and see what happens next. For me it is a balance between both traveling styles, I would like to maximize my stay and do as many pleasurable activities as I can and I always choose quality over quantity. Sometimes I also like to have time to just do nothing and just amble on the streets soaking in the ambiance, the colors and the culture.

Depending on the flight schedule I always make note that at least a day or two are dedicated to simply slow down and sleep off any jet lag. If the flight is just a couple of hours all I need is just a short nap and I am ready to tick off some of the activities from my wish list.

My wish list consists of practically two types of activities, those which I call “fillers” and those that I know will take at least a whole day such any potential sightseeing tours around the area I will be staying in. Fillers are activities or places I would love to visit and requires a couple of hours, it could be a museum, shops, restaurants, shows, shops any activity. Then I will organize and arrange these two types of activities depending on the area I will be staying in and will also leave options just in case there are any changes in plans.

Having a list like this will allow you to simply line all your ducks in a row. Just a couple of weeks ago I was visiting Costa Rica with my sister and I had a couple of activities in mind that would be perfect for our last day in this amazingly beautiful and warm country (Did I stress warm? If you are tired of freezing winters flee to Costa Rica!).

We were back from the Pacific Coast having enjoyed days soaking up under the beloved sun, fishing and snorkeling and we wanted to just wind down as soon as we were back in San José, but staying in all day was not in our plans so we decided to keep our car rental for one more day and go horseback riding somewhere near our hotel, the Best Western Hotel Irazú. Since our hotel is located at such an accessible we could definitely squeeze in a horseback riding tour in Ciudad Colón and on our way back we would visit a little crafts and arts fair in Santa Ana. Now that is what I call lining up your ducks in a row!