The marvelous thing about planning your trips while you are in Costa Rica is that you can make mostof what this amazing country can offer, and it can all be done without having to make many detours.

Take our last Sunday as an example, we went over to Ciudad Colón which is just 30 minutes from our hotel, the Best Western Hotel Irazú located in the heart of San José and on our way back we stopped by Santa Ana, where luckily there was a international arts and crafts fair going on.

Santa Ana is located mid-way between San José and Ciudad Colón and we were impressed by the feel of this town, the medieval church and the beautiful trees, and typical Costa Rican houses, this little town is tucked away from the city but very near to the city!

There were a couple of blocks with both local and international crafts and arts, an area where you could but some of the most traditional snacks at fairs in Costa Rica including caramel-covered apples, cotton candy and very yummy and crispy “churros”.

When my sister and I agreed to stop by this art fair, we had no idea that it would be so amazing and we did not have enough cash with us. There were so many stands and so much to choose from, we bought local bread to snack on our way back, we got our family and friends Costa Rican souvenirs at a great prize and what took our breath away were the Peruvian craftsmen who came all the way from Peru to sell their products. I am a great collector of natural crystals and stones and I could not take my eyes from the beautiful stones they were selling. My sister went nuts over he great arrange of Peruvian jewelry in silver, she could not decide if she was going to buy a pendant or a ring or both!

What I loved about this fair is the environment, the locals were so warm-heartedly interacting with international craftsmen and tourists, we felt right at home. Maybe we were lucky or maybe it was our effective planning, our last day in Costa Rica was a blast.